The Separations We Have Constructed

Tales from the Anthropocene by Jessica Kashdan-Brown

Back in my first year of university, I had a very memorable introductory lecture on “Ecocriticism”, a subject I’d never heard of before but was excited about. Writing about human relationships with Nature and the environment has always been a great interest of mine and I was keen to see what kind of new perspectives this would unearth.

The lecturer for that day asked us all to get out a sheet of paper and a pen. He said, “I want you to draw whatever you think of when you think of “a home”

A Guide to Carbon ROI and External Costs

A Slice of Life in Montana by Calvin Servheen

Humans are all a little bit crazy. From the clothes we wear, to the things we buy to fill our homes, to the activities we spend our time doing, we all have some fascination with shiny objects. Our irrational desire to consume and profit stems in large part from this unhealthy intoxication with what philosopher David Whyte calls “the harvest of presence”.

It takes a lot to look past the empty promises that lie in the latest smartphone, the hottest electric sports car, or the flashiest crypto investment. …

5 Tips for Sustainable Self-Care this Valentine’s Season

By: Katherine Prior | @sweet.sustainability

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, it’s important to remember the love we must give ourselves and the self-care we all deserve. So how can you practice self-care more sustainably?

According to Forbes, $20 billion will have been spent this Valentine’s day, resulting in a large increase in waste, fossil fuel use, and unnecessary consumption.

Holidays and celebrations can be a difficult time to maintain our eco-friendly habits. Remember to focus on what you CAN do and that a little planning can go a long way!


What is ecopsychology and how can planting things help us?

Tales from the Anthropocene by Jessica Kashdan-Brown

In our ‘modern’ lives in the global West, it has become increasingly easy to separate our daily lives from nature. We go outside to ‘take a break’, or ‘get some fresh air’, all the while not really noticing this divide we have created — as if we are not a part of that natural world and as if our daily lives are not governed by the wider ecosystem of our planet. …

3 Everyday Ways to Stay Hopeful Amid Climate Chaos

A Slice of Life in Montana by Calvin Servheen

So much of the world is going up in smoke due to climate change, and sometimes it seems like our challenges are closing in around us — like we’re being slowly defeated by ourselves. Sometimes it even feels like we were born at the worst possible time in history, and that the challenges young people today have inherited are greater than at any time in human history.

A field in Bozeman Montana that escaped development for over 100 years.

6 Ways to Identify and Avoid Greenwashing

By Easy Eco Tips

As people are increasingly aware of their impact on the planet, many companies have seen this as a great business potential. Unfortunately many of them just try to appear eco-friendly through their image and marketing rather than through real changes. It is called “greenwashing”. So where can we find brands that we can trust to be better for the planet?

“Greenwashing” is the practice of marketing a product or a brand as being greener or more environmentally friendly than they really are. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are bombarded…

How Journaling Can Help Us Process the Climate Crisis

Tales from the Anthropocene by Jessica Kashdan-Brown

Writing and keeping a journal can be an extremely beneficial process for your mental health. Taking the time and space to remove yourself from the virtual world, put a pen to paper, and just can be an amazing way to re-center and ground yourself, and to relieve stress — and those are only a few of the benefits. …

Why Turning Off Your Phone Leads to Better Outdoor Experiences

A Slice of Life in Montana by Calvin Servheen

Brown needles dappled by sunshine filtering through the scruffy pines. Dark water swirling with bubbles in the lichen speckled rock pool. The tiniest buds forming, bulging and bursting into flowers on a frozen branch as winter thaws. Mist swirling and tearing over a dark fir forest in the early morning. These are times and places where folks feel nature. …

Begin Your Sustainability Journey Today!

By Benjamin Zou

Growing plants

Thinking about climate change can be overwhelming, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. In the face of what sometimes feels like an insurmountable issue, it can be hard to know what actions to take or feel empowered to make any changes in our own lives at all. While individually our actions may not seem like much, when millions of people collectively decide that they’re going to make even minor changes in their lives, those little changes can really add up to some big differences.

Tales from the Anthropocene by Jessica Kashdan-Brown

Climate anxiety is a serious issue affecting an increasing number of people in the world today. In the current landscape of uncertainty for the future, it’s spreading faster than you might think. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts (read my previous one here), you’ll know that I’ve mentioned both my own personal sense of climate anxiety and a more general understanding of it. But what exactly is climate anxiety and what can we do to cope with it and keep it from disempowering us? …

Climate Journal Project

A space, practice and journal to help alleviate environmental anxiety & fears.

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