6 Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling & Writing

Guided Journaling: Accessing Something Deeper

How This is Useful in the context of the Climate Crisis

“There is no planetary healing without internal healing” -often said by Yvonne, founder of CJP
  • Create and work towards specific climate goals which keep you motivated
  • Build healthier, more positive thought patterns surrounding the crisis and your ability to do something meaningful about it
  • Gain new perspectives on climate challenges and how to approach them
  • Nurture creativity and innovation, both of which are crucial qualities in facing the climate crisis, and will be invaluable in taking action

Making the Most of Your Journaling Practice

  • Write to a set time-frame — this helps to keep you focused
  • Return to what you’ve written — an important tool for analysis and processing
  • Do something with your writing — you might want to create something else from it, such as: condensing it, listing out your concerns and taking them to your local representatives and/or elected officials, making poetry from it to process your ideas further, taking it to a support group to help you articulate your thoughts better, using it to set goals for yourself or list things you want to work on.
  • Be honest with yourself — don’t try to edit yourself to an image of what you’d like to be. Tell the whole truth of where you are at now and then use that in order to design steps towards where you’d like to be in the future
  • Practicing wellness — Pair purposeful journaling with other wellness practices like eating a healthy and balanced diet, daily exercise, and getting plenty of sleep

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